Mission & Values


Go beyond the regional borders by promoting high technologies, enriching the technical knowledge and driving regional development.


To enhance the environment of information technologies and regional welfare by promoting innovative products and solutions engaged with high quality customer support.


We are a team!

We are all different, but United into one cohesive team, motivated, and aimed at success. We are working together to achieve common goals.

Human Relations

We very carefully treat our customers, partners and suppliers.

We develop an individual approach to each partner, based on a high degree of confidence, equality and honesty.

Our style is to meet and exceed expectations of our customers with “Cut-Of-the-Edge” technologies products and brands.

We manage to provide our customers the up-to-date information, the most prompt response and the comfort of using effective logistics and business tools just in time.

Stability and Security

We are confident in the future. We see where we go to. We secure this confidence to everybody who goes with us.


Reliable distributor and reliable partner – is an image we strive for. To keep promises and to meet engagements is our distinguishing feature.


We are professionals and deliver to our partners the highest standards of competence, knowledge and skills.