Portfolio replenishment

Dear partners,

We are pleased to announce the addition of one of the strongest players specializing in software and hardware network security systems and UTM solutions to our portfolio - Fortinet.

Fortinet is the market leader among UTM solutions, which has been repeatedly confirmed by IDC, and ranks 1st in the world in terms of annual volume of network security devices sold.

Fortinet offers security gateways and other products that feature high-performance ASIC processors, integrated end-to-end security, and continuous updates. Fortinet products are designed for use by organizations of any size (SMB, Enterprise, service providers, telecoms).

Product lines and solutions:
• FortiGate
• Security and availability of servers and web applications
• Construction and protection of a wireless network
• Strengthening authentication
• Centralized management and reporting
• Other specialized security solutions
•  Network hardware
• IP telephony

By choosing us you choose the best solutions available on the market.