Canon improves the world's smallest and lightest 4K projector


Canon announces XEED 4K600Z

Featuring native 4K resolution (4096 x 2400), Canon dedicated optics with LCOS technology and AISYS XEED expansion, 4K600Z delivers an immersive experience with crisp detail and lifelike colors that span the sRGB color space. With bright, colorful and sharp images, the XEED 4K600Z is ideal for any high-tech simulation environment that requires high-quality video playback. Further enhancing the video quality and experience, the XEED 4K600Z incorporates minimal curvature for distortion-free images, reduced motion blur, and ultra-fast response times (1.0 frames latency). Precise, sharp focusing can be maintained under a variety of conditions, including projection onto domed or curved surfaces.