Monitoring just got easier!


Macroscop bot

Monitoring just got easier!

Macroscop raises the convenience of working with a video surveillance system to a new level. The Macroscop user can quickly receive the necessary information from his video system through a convenient and familiar communication channel - in the messenger he uses every day: Viber, Telegram or Facebook Messenger.

Macroscop bot provides the user in the messenger environment with:
• real-time frames from the system's cameras;
• frames from the archive corresponding to a certain time;
• technical report on the state of the system (connection stability, state of cameras and system servers, archive depth);
• operational alerts about the triggering of detectors / intelligent modules, about failures in the system.
The main advantages of Macroscop-bot for users:
• communication with the video system as with a live interlocutor - in the environment of a convenient messenger, in a familiar natural language;
• no "white" IP address is required - communication with the bot is available with any Internet connection;
• no need to install additional applications on your phone - use your favorite messenger;
• easy access to the Eocortex bot - secure access via a link without the need to enter the server IP address, login and password to the system.


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