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Selected Security Solutions - From Cisco Security SaaS to Meraki & Umbrella

Right now, businesses large and small are urgently looking for ways to defend against threats and secure the most critical aspects of their business—quickly, anytime, anywhere.
They have transformed their operations to keep up with the realities of today's workplace.
Remote and roaming users, cloud applications and insecure networks leave the door open for attacks such as phishing, ransomware and malware
There has never been a better time to protect business integrity in the face of unpredictable change while boosting your profitability with high-margin service opportunities and predictable, long-term recurring revenue.
1. Q1 FY23 Meraki & Umbrella Solutions Promotion - up to 60% off. Available Aug 29, 2022 - Oct 29, 2022
2. Up to 60% off Cisco Duo, Secure Endpoints, Secure Email Cloud Mailbox and subscription options, and Cisco Firepower Threat Defense Virtual. Available Aug 1, 2022 - Oct 29, 2022