Citrix NetScaler



Citrix NetScaler software is a complete solution for streamlining web application delivery. The NetScaler product allows you to efficiently use server and network resources and increase the speed of web application delivery by more than 5 times. NetScaler organizes reliable traffic management and ensures the protection of business-critical web applications from various types of attacks.

NetScaler's delivery infrastructure transforms a traditional enterprise data center built on inflexible, isolated network devices into a cloud-based virtual data center with the flexibility and scalability to deliver IT as a service on demand. As a core component of Citrix OpenCloud solutions, NetScaler provides enterprise customers and cloud service providers with powerful virtualization and networking tools. What's more, NetScaler makes web applications faster and more secure for thousands of enterprise customers. The world's largest cloud service providers and websites have chosen NetScaler to build their own delivery infrastructure, powering approximately 75% of Internet users worldwide every day.

NetScaler-based application delivery controllers support TriScale technology to bring the flexibility, ease of use, and extensibility of cloud solutions to enterprise and communications networks. This technology allows companies of all sizes to efficiently scale their data center networks to deliver applications, work systems and data to any user on any device and any network.

NetScaler is a traditional Internet service delivery system used by 75% of all Internet users every day. Citrix leverages this development to create a cloud networking platform, providing customers with one integrated solution that brings the flexibility, ease of use, and scalability of the cloud to any network. This helps customers offer private and public cloud services for any device while maintaining optimal performance, security, and reliability.