New object counting module


in the new version of Macroscop 4.0

New module for counting objects (people, vehicles, animals) in the new version of Macroscop 4.0

Macroscop, a developer of user-friendly video surveillance software, has released a new version 4.0. The updated version includes a number of technical improvements and optimizations, as well as new video analysis capabilities.

One of the novelties of Macroscop 4.0 is the object counting module. The function allows you to count people, vehicles (with gradation by types) and animals in real time in a given area of the frame or when crossing a given virtual line.

Unlike the existing people counting solution, the object counting module has more flexible requirements for camera placement: it does not need to be installed with a strictly top view.

This means that the new counting module can be implemented in existing video systems on installed cameras.

In addition, the module allows you to expand the range of tasks to be solved due to the possibility of counting different objects with the output of relevant statistics. It also makes it possible to set up automatic actions when objects of a certain type appear in the controlled area, when the allowed number of objects in the zones or behind the line is exceeded.

Examples of using:

Using the object counting module, you can effectively control traffic at controlled intersections - set up scenarios for switching traffic signals depending on the number of cars on the roads.
Evaluate the effectiveness of outdoor advertising by collecting statistics on the number of cars passing by and people passing by the banner.
Count people in different areas (students in classrooms, people on mobile vehicles) and cars (on a ferry, in adjacent territories, etc.).
Count pedestrian and car traffic to make a decision to open a retail outlet in a particular place.

The Macroscop 4.0 version is already available for users on