OptiPlex portfolio


Standard base and advanced features

This year OptiPlex portfolio became more simple for easier selection process & maintenance. 

No more sub-brands 3000, 5000, 7000 series.

Only OptiPlex (standard base) and OptiPlex Plus ( advanced features). Choose form factor and than features that fit customer’s needs.

CY23 OptiPlex Product Strategy:

 - Single BIOS to simplify IT maintenance efforts (one for DT, one for AIO)

 - Intel vPro® platform options now available across all configurations

 - Most sustainable desktop portfolio with recycle advancement and streamlined packaging via multipack

 - ENERGY STAR, EPEAT Gold and TCO9 certifications

 - Performance with 13th gen Intel® Hybrid Core CPU’s

 - Modern Standby now available across all configurations

 - 100% Low Blue Lights panels (AIO)

 - Dell Optimizer now available across all configurations

 - 5MP EMZA camera with Presence Detection (AIO)

Key Post-RTS Items

 - OptiPlex Tower, Small Form Factor

 - OptiPlex ALL                                                                   

 - OptiPlex ALL                                                                   

 - OptiPlex ALL                                                                   

 - OptiPlex ALL                                                                   

 - OptiPlex Tower, Small Form Factor & Micro            

 - OptiPlex ALL                                                                   

 - OptiPlex Micro Plus, AIO Plus, AIO 65W                    

 - Zoom 1 M.2 SSD card PCIe (June)

- Regulatory Ukraine, Armenia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan (end March/ begin April)

- No OS with Storage (April)

- IOT LTSC (April)

- No OS with No Storage (April)

- 128GB SSD (May) – 128eMMC will not be qualified

- Realtek 8852BE with Ubuntu (May)

- DDR5 5600 MHZ (Q3)