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ASTERION Battery is a manufacturer of industrial batteries that have been on the world market since 2001. "ASTERION" are high-quality lead-acid and lithium batteries, the scope of which is very extensive: communication systems, fire and security systems, medical equipment, uninterruptible power supplies and much more. To date, the product range includes more than 400 models of batteries.

"ASTERION Battery", being one of the main brands of the international company ENERGON, broadcasts the main corporate value: people are the most important thing in business and life. This principle is a thin orange line through all the start-up and debugged processes of ASTERION Battery. The value of a company is its customers. The ASTERION brand is not responsible to its customers and is absolutely confident in the reliability and quality of its equipment, since ASTERION Battery is an exceptionally high-quality product, time-tested and tested.

All ASTERION Battery product lines contain unshakable foundations that form the attitude to their business and people: quality and ease of use of batteries, loyalty to consumers and timely warranty service, competitive prices in the ratio "price / quality"; The primary task of ASTERION is to show each customer that these are products from professionals, which will be appreciated by admirers of high-quality equipment and service.

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