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Aruba Networks are solutions for enterprise wireless networks. The American company Aruba Networks was founded in 2002. It specializes in the implementation of products for corporate wireless local area networks, which are designed to organize a reliable and secure data exchange system in offices or geographically distributed companies. Since 2015, it has been part of Hewlett Packard Enterprise.

The advantage of choosing solutions from Aruba Networks is the low price and less additional equipment or software for network organization and management. The manufacturer provides something that others cannot give for the same money.

Wi-Fi is one of the key areas of Aruba, in which the vendor has historically specialized. The company's long experience in developing wireless technologies makes the Wi-Fi solution one of the best on the market. The multifunctionality of access points (AP) allows you to implement many additional wireless services: All-in-One. The versatility of AR makes it possible to build networks of various functionality and configurations.



 - AP scalability when deploying a network: the same AP can operate both in a network from one point and in a network with hundreds of APs.

 - Implementation of the solution both without controllers (built into the AR) and with an external controller (hardware or cloud).

 - Built-in routing and switching functionality in the AR.

 - Built-in AR Firewall.

 - Support for Bluetooth technology on AP.

 - Zigbee protocol support for IoT devices on AP.

 - Geolocation functionality (Beacons).

 - Support for NFC technology.

 - Monitoring, management and analytics software based on both On-Promise (hardware) and SaaS (cloud) solutions.

 - Network access controller for various devices, including BYOD.

 - Solution for object movement analytics (with reporting and visualization).

 - Artificial intelligence to optimize and secure the network.

 - A large range of ARs with different functionality and applicability to a wide range of tasks.

 - All APs (500 series) are Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax) certified.


Aruba Central does not require a lengthy installation and deployment, it works immediately upon license activation (a trial license is available). The intuitive control interface does not require an expensive highly qualified specialist. It is enough for an employee in remote offices to scan the device code and physically connect the device to the network. Next, the device is automatically initialized and configured on the network. The dashboard can be accessed from any device using the Central mobile app. Network management is easier than ever.

Central includes three solutions that make everything easy: a setup wizard, Zero Touch Provisioning, and a mobile installer app. The setup wizard saves time, improves accuracy, and reduces the resources required to connect devices to your environment. Zero Touch Provisioning simplifies network deployment, while the Amobile installer app lets you delegate device installation and deployment to a trusted resource or third-party service provider.


NAC checks the device for compliance with company security policies, then determines the level of access for this device to the company network. Aruba ClearPass supports all connectivity types (wired/wireless), BYOD and IoT solutions from both Aruba and third-party solutions.

The three principles on which the Aruba ClearPass solution is built are:

 - Visibility of all network user devices, their type, location.

 - Access to resources only after authorization and authentication.

 - Protection of all network resources in real time.



- Policy Manager - a module that allows you to create access policies based on roles or device types for all types of networks.

 - Onboard - a module for automatically checking connected devices for compliance with all company security policies. Provides the concept of BYOD technology.

 - QuickConnect - a module that allows you to simplify and automate the configuration of 802.1X authentication.

 - Profile - a module that applies advanced security policies (OS type, location, device type, manufacturer, etc.). Allows you to dynamically change user privileges.

 - OnGuard - a module that allows you to provide a deep check of devices. In case of non-compliance with policies, it locks the device and issues recommendations on compliance with security policies.

 - Guest - a module that allows you to automate the process of providing guest access. Automatically generates a temporary username and password for each user.



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