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Briefly about MagOS Linux:

 - More than 10 years of creativity. On May 11, 2009, the first build of MagOS-Linux was released!

 - Freedom of creativity. MagOS Linux is practically indestructible, you can easily and safely experiment with it - you can always return the system to its original state. And if you do not like to dig into the system, but create in other areas - at your service are compressed 2 gigabytes of already installed and configured programs for almost all occasions!

 - Independence from the computer. MagOS Linux can boot from a flash drive and save your work to it. Drivers for almost any computer are already installed, you can carry your OS in your pocket - with all files and programs

 - Ease of development. If you don't know what Linux is, don't be afraid - it's easy and simple to try it out. You can try it on your hardware by booting from a flash drive or LiveDVD, you can install it on the same partition as Windows without any reformatting.

 - Modularity. MagOS Linux consists of modules independent of each other, even a not very experienced user can assemble the distribution kit he needs. You can extend your distribution with ready-made or self-created modules, and you can easily share your experience by making "modular" fixes and tweaks that can be set or unchecked with a couple of mouse clicks.

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